Male Privilege #14


Nobody tries to take away your right to use a condom. Nobody hammers into your head that you should feel guilty and shameful about preventing your gift-from-God sperm from fertilizing an egg and thus ensuring the birth of a beautiful child. No politician tells you using condoms makes you a slut. Nobody bombs a convenience store that sells condoms, threatens people who put condom vending machines in areas, or attacks politicians who support condom use.

my boyfriend isn’t understanding how I’m a feminist and would consider being a suicide girl.

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Thank you, you expanded more or less what I was thinking. But as autumn-and-eve put it, “Suicide Girls is cissexist, and I literally did not see one person of color when I looked through 96+ of their models. They’re not the epitome of female empowerment you may think they are.
(Read as: Uh oh! Did we erase trans people and people of color in the feminist movement? No worries, white cis feminists didn’t notice!)”

I’ve been browsing the site a bit more, and yes, everyone is white and as far as I can tell cis, and moderately/very thin. That’s a tad problematic.

Hmmm, well, I only see that arising as a problem if Suicide Girls says one of it’s functions is female empowerment or if they’ve actively turned down women based on cissexist and body weight standards. It’s entirely possible that they wanted a set image or that other women never heard or considered being a part of it. Unless it claims to empower women, or turns down women solely based on their sexuality or weight because of personal prejudices, then I don’t think a feminist should have a problem with it. 

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